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C# 12 Pocket Reference LINQ Pocket Reference

Free of long introductions and bloated samples, this book tells you exactly what you need to know.

Despite its conciseness, it doesn’t skimp on depth or detail and covers almost the entire C# 12 language, including:

  • All C#'s fundamentals, including syntax, predefined types, expressions and operators

  • LINQ, starting with the principles of sequences, deferred execution & standard query operators, and finishing with a complete reference to query syntax—including multiple generators, joining, grouping and query continuations

  • Advanced topics such as operator overloading, custom conversions, type constraints, covariance and contravariance, lambda expressions and closures, iterators, unsafe code, preprocessor directives, nullable types, operating lifting and asynchronous functions

  • Features new to C# 9 and C# 12, including global using directives, patterns, records, init-only properties, top-level statements, and covariant return types

This book is ideal as a quick reference—or as a guide to get you rapidly up to speed if you already know Java, C++, or an earlier version of C#. Packed with 220 pages of useful content, this has to be the best value pocket reference ever!

Ready to take advantage of LINQ with C#, but don't fancy laboring through a 1000-page book? Well, learning LINQ doesn't have to be that hard! If you already know C#, this small guide has all that it takes to get you rapidly up to speed.

All the examples in the LINQ Pocket Reference are preloaded into LINQPad, the popular and free utility that will not just help you learn LINQ, but have you thinking in LINQ.

This book explains:

  • LINQ’s key concepts, such as deferred execution, iterator chaining, type inference in lambda expressions, local vs interpreted queries

  • C#’s query expression syntax in detail—including multiple generators, joining, grouping, query continuations and more

  • Composition & projection strategies for complex queries

  • All of LINQ’s 40+ query operators

  • How to write efficient LINQ to SQL queries

  • How to build expression trees from scratch

  • All of LINQ to XML’s types, and their advanced use

Download LINQPad

No other books or online resources can get you up to speed so quickly.

C# 12 Pocket Reference (220 pages)
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LINQ Pocket Reference (180 pages)
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