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Query Express

Query Express is a simple Query Analyzer look-alike, but being small and free it can be run where the SQL Server client tools are not installed or licensed. This makes it especially useful as a query tool for MSDE and SQL Express. It also connects to Oracle and other OLE-DB compliant databases.

Query Express requires no installation and is packaged as a single 100KB executable. This is more than 300 times smaller than SQL Server Management Studio!

Query Express Screenshot

Query Express is ideal for those not yet ready for LINQPad.


Query Express has a fully permissive free license with no conditions attached. Full source code is included, which you can use in commercial software. Compatible with the .NET Framework versions 1.1, 2.0 and above—no additional downloads are required if you have Windows XP SP2 or Windows Vista.

Current version 3.9: last updated November 2007.

Download Executable [Right-click, Save As...] NO SETUP REQUIRED file size 100K
Download Executable + Source zip (Visual Studio.NET project) file size 100K

Thanks to Klaus Evers for the OLE-DB object browser.

Branches and Source Code Contributions

Query ExPlus is a branch maintained on SourceForge, with some additional new features. Please contact the project admin if you're interested in contributing.


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