What's New in C# 4.0

Live Presentation by Joe Albahari

C# 4.0 introduces some of the most controversial new language features to date, including optional parameters, named arguments and (horror) dynamic typing! In this presentation, you'll see C# 4.0's new features demonstrated in a practical context, with potential uses, benefits, traps and best practices. You'll see a novel design pattern that may change your opinion on dynamic programming, and also how C# 4.0 simplifies interop with Office, COM and dynamic languages such as Python.

This webcast was given live for LIDNUG in January 2010, and kindly organized by Brian Madsen.

You can download all the samples in this presentation here. Simply unzip the folder into your LINQPad Queries directory under My Documents and they'll become immediately visible in LINQPad.

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