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LINQPad: The .NET Programmer's Playground

Execute LINQ queries (or any C# expression or program) interactively with LINQPad. All examples from the LINQ chapters are preloaded, and samples for numerous additional chapters are a single click away. All samples are editable—so you can interact with the examples as you read through the book. Learning C#, LINQ, asynchronous programming, parallel programming, dynamic programming and regular expressions couldn't be easier or more fun! More information

LINQKit: The Bits They Left Out

LINQKit provides you with the extra things you need to get productive with LINQ to SQL and Entity Framework: the ability to use expressions in EntitySets, expression variables in subqueries, and expressions within expressions. LINQKit also includes PredicateBuilder.

PredicateBuilder - Now with Entity Framework Support

PredicateBuilder is a simple and elegant solution to dynamically composing expression predicates for LINQ queries. View article and source code.

Take the LINQ Quiz

Test your knowledge of LINQ with the LINQ Quiz. Everything you need to know to answer this—and more—is covered in the book.

10 LINQ Myths

The ten most common misconceptions—and how they set people awry.

Asynchronator (C# 3.0 / 4.0)

This Visual Studio Solution incorporates the code listings from chapter on asynchronous methods into a test harness that simulates 60 concurrent clients. See the difference in performance between a normal multithreaded server and a genuine asynchronous server! (Note that as of C# 5.0, this is redundant in that the thread-efficiency problems demonstrated don't arise with the use of asynchronous functions.)

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Download for Visual Studio 2008



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