About the Book

So what is the Nutshell?

C# 7.0 in a Nutshell is an updated version of the acclaimed C# 6.0 in a Nutshell, covering the C# language, CLR, and the .NET base class libraries.

The book and its previous editions are the product of immense effort, and have been shaped by over a dozen expert technical reviewers.

I own another "in a Nutshell" book and it features a large reference section with alphabetical listings of types and members. Is C# in a Nutshell the same?

No: there are no computer-generated listings and no alphabetical reference section! We believe in explaining everything clearly and concisely based on our experience, with plenty of examples and real-world scenarios. We maintain strict vigilance in keeping our examples short and clutter-free and follow a policy of being useful and getting straight to the point.

What does the book cover?

We cover the topics shown in the circles below:


I already own book XYZ and am unhappy with its level of detail. Does this book do better?

Most likely, yes! The reason, in a word, is focus. We dedicate the entire book to what's inside the circles shown above. This gives us space to do justice to difficult topics such as security, Reflection.Emit, LINQ, asynchronous programming and concurrency. Books covering everything in the diagram cannot offer the same level of depth—this is why you might be frustrated. There's nothing wrong with one-stop-shop books; it's just that they serve a different purpose.

Our focus means we can answer such questions as:

Are these books for beginners?

We've taken care not to alienate readers by presuming too much prior knowledge. Nonetheless, these books assume some general background in programming and so are aimed at intermediate and advanced audiences. As a beginner you'll certainly benefit—but not as your sole book. For something more introductory, I'd recommend a title such as Head First C#, by Andrew Stellman and Jennifer Greene.

What are your credentials?

I've worked as a senior architect and developer on a wide range of commercial projects in C# since its inception, and have been a C# MVP since 2008. I am also the author of LINQPad and have written the past four editions of this book. Ben has worked for five years at Microsoft as a program manager on three .NET teams, including ADO.NET and the .NET Compact Framework.

The two of you have the same unusual surname... are you related?

We're brothers.

How can I contact you?

Click here.


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